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Whiplash Causes, Signs, Therapy, Ayurveda Idea


By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Whiplash is a neck harm. It’s brought about on account of motion of the neck just like the cracking of a whip. Herein there’s forceful and speedy backwards and forwards motion of the neck resulting in the neck harm. Different names – Neck sprain, Pressure
Observe – these phrases embody different forms of neck accidents.
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Mechanism of whiplash – This situation normally happens when the pinnacle is thrown backward and forwards, forcefully and rapidly. This will finally result in harm of bones within the backbone, inter-vertebral discs, muscle tissue, ligaments, nerves and different tissues of the neck.

Essential causes of whiplash –
Rear-end automotive accidents (commonest trigger)
Auto / automotive accidents particularly rear-end collisions
Bodily abuse / assault – It could happen when one is punched or shaken. It’s a generally seen harm in shaken child syndrome.
Contact sports activities / sports activities accident like soccer tackles
Different forms of traumas, falls and so forth
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The ache and different signs of whiplash begin getting higher in folks affected by this situation. The aid begins few weeks after following the therapy plan. Interventions embody medicines for ache aid and train. Some folks could wind up with persistent neck ache and issues which run a protracted course.


Indicators and signs normally develop inside few days of the harm.

  • Ache within the neck
  • Stiffness within the neck
  • Actions of the neck worsens the ache
  • Lack of vary of movement / actions within the neck
  • Complications (normally begins on the base of the neck / base of the cranium)
  • Ache or tenderness within the higher again, shoulder or arms
  • Numbness / tingling within the arms
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

Further signs are additionally famous in some folks –

  • Tinnitus – ringing within the ears
  • Blurring of imaginative and prescient
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Despair
  • Issues associated to reminiscence
  • Issue in concentrating

When to seek the advice of physician?

Under talked about situations of the whiplash ought to provide you with a warning to seek the advice of physician instantly –
Signs / neck ache occurring after a automotive accident, sports activities harm or different traumatic harm. This situation needs to be promptly and precisely recognized and damages across the neck or damaged bones shall be dominated out.


Normally inside a number of weeks following harm many individuals who’ve whiplash begin feeling higher. Additionally they don’t appear to have any lasting signs from the whiplash harm. Some folks proceed having ache for a number of months or years following the harm. It’s troublesome to foretell the interval and nature of restoration in whiplash accidents since this varies from individual to individual. Persistent ache is extra more likely to happen if the signs on the onset of whiplash had been intense and have quickly began. It could additionally happen if the preliminary signs of whiplash embody extreme ache within the neck, excessively restricted vary of actions and ache radiating in the direction of the arm.

Dangerous prognosis of whiplash are related to
Having earlier historical past of whiplash
Previous age
Excessive pace harm
Current neck ache or low again ache
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Analysis of whiplash is normally performed via an intensive examination. Case historical past and narration of occasions resulting in the signs will assist the doctor to diagnose this situation. Your physician could palpate your head, neck and arms whereas asking you to carry out some actions to entry the vary of actions / movement in neck and shoulders, depth of ache, diploma of movement which causes or worsens the ache, tenderness in your neck and in addition within the again and shoulders, sensation and energy in limbs and reflexes therein. Some imaging assessments too will probably be required despite accidents associated to whiplash not being obvious on imaging assessments. S rays, CT scan or MRI scan could also be suggested to rule out the opposite situations that are just like whiplash or can be masking the whiplash ache.


Prevention of whiplash and associated signs consists of being cautious with or avoiding the causes which results in the identical. One must be cautious whereas driving or taking part in sports activities and in addition ought to stay away from abuse and assault. One ought to take security measures associated to driving and sports activities significantly.

Different options embody – buying a automotive with extremely rated head relaxation after which adjusting the pinnacle restraint correctly. Airbags, seat belts, correctly designed seats and adjusted head restraint will defend one from sustaining a whiplash harm in a rear-end collision.

A 2002 Canadian research – confirmed that solely about 14% of headrests evaluated had been correctly adjusted. It was 28% within the UK. That meant 72% of entrance seat occupants did not correctly modify their head restraints or they’d improperly adjusted head restraints. Amongst remaining 28% who had head restraint in correct place, 11% had a set / non-adjustable one piece design and the safety was additionally restricted to solely a shorter particular person. One also needs to put on a security belt whereas driving and sit upright.
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Ache management would be the major aim of whiplash therapy. The opposite targets will probably be to enhance and restore regular vary of actions / movement within the neck and get the ailing particular person again to regular actions. Ache administration shall be achieved via relaxation, warmth or chilly software, ache medicines and injections and muscle relaxants.

Workouts as important a part of intervention
Some stretching and motion workout routines shall be suggested. These workout routines shall be performed at dwelling. Helps in attaining ache aid and different motives of the therapy talked about above. Workouts are skillfully mixed with a therapy plan. Train will yield higher outcomes if moist warmth or heat bathe is taken over the painful space earlier than doing the train.

Frequent workout routines suggested
Rotation of neck, in each instructions
Tilting of head from one aspect to the opposite
Bending of neck in the direction of the chest
Rolling of shoulders
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Bodily Remedy

Bodily remedy will assist those that have ongoing ache associated to whiplash or those that need assistance when it comes to workout routines which might assist in bettering vary of movement. This may assist folks with whiplash to really feel higher and stop additional harm. Bodily remedy would come with workout routines which assist in strengthening the muscle tissue, enhance one’s posture and restore regular motion.
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a process through which gentle electrical present is utilized to the pores and skin. This ease neck ache and in addition assist in bettering muscle energy briefly as per sure analysis works.

Foam collars

Lengthy again delicate foam cervical collars used generally to ease the accidents associated to whiplash and in addition to carry the neck and head nonetheless. Research have proven that the muscle energy may lower if the neck is saved nonetheless for lengthy time period. This may also intervene with restoration from whiplash. Even these days these collars are used to restrict motion and assist to cut back ache quickly after the harm. This additionally assist the folks to sleep nicely at evening.

Different Drugs

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage and mind-body therapies are additionally helpful in treating whiplash however they don’t seem to be supported by analysis proof.
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Ayurveda Idea of Whiplash

Whiplash can’t be in comparison with anybody situation defined in Ayurveda treatises. Under talked about are the hypothetical understanding of whiplash in Ayurveda language as a result of resemblance in manifestation of illness, signs and therapy in managing each these situations.

  • Vata aggravation – In Ayurveda, abhighata vis-à-vis harm is without doubt one of the predominant causes of vata aggravation. This aggravated vata causes ache and different signs of whiplash.
  • Vatarakta – Journey historical past, various and irregular postures in journey, trauma and so forth are talked about underneath etiological components of Vatarakta. Related etiologies are the reason for whiplash. So, whiplash may be thought-about underneath vatarakta for therapy objective.
  • Greeva shula / Manyastambha – Greeva shula means neck ache. Manyastambha means ache within the nape of the neck / neck stiffness.
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Ayurveda therapy

Whiplash could also be handled on the under mentioned strains of therapy –
Vata Chikitsa – therapy prescribed for aggravated vata
Vatarakta Chikitsa – therapy prescribed for vatarakta vis-à-vis gouty arthritis / peripheral vascular illness
Greeva Shula / Manyastambha Chikitsa – therapy prescribed for neck ache and ‘neck nape therapy’

Different interventions

Mamsagata Vata Chikitsa – therapy for aggravation of vata within the muscle tissue positioned within the neck area
Asthigata Vata Chikitsa – therapy for aggravation of vata within the bones positioned within the neck area
Sandhigata Vata Chikitsa – therapy for aggravation of vata within the joints of the neck area
Snayugata Vata Chikitsa – therapy for aggravation of vata within the ligaments and tendons of the neck area
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Therapy in line with signs –

Sl No Signs of whiplash Ayurveda therapy precept Ayurveda intervention / remedy
1 Ache, stiffness of the neck, lack of vary of neck actions Greeva shula / manyastambha chikitsa
Vata Chikitsa Greevaga – Mamsa, asthi, sandhi, snayugata vata chikitsa
Vatarakta Chikitsa
Abhyanga / Swedana
Greeva Vasti
Vatahara Lepa
Pinda Sweda (patra, shashtika shali)
Vasti in persistent and recurring signs
2 Headache Shirashula Chikitsa Nasya
3 Ache / tenderness within the higher again, shoulders, arms
Numbness within the arms
Vishwachi and
Apabahuka Chikitsa 
Abhyanga / Swedana
4 Dizziness  Bhrama Chikitsa
Vatahara Chikitsa
5 Fatigue Klama Chikitsa
Vatahara Chikitsa
6 Tinnitus Karnanada / Karna kshveda Chikitsa
Vatahara Chikitsa
Karna Poorana
Murdni Taila
7 Irritability
Despair Issues associated to reminiscence
Issue in concentrating
Manasika Roga Chikitsa
Apasmara Chikitsa
Avasada Chikitsa
Vata / Kapha Chikitsa
Murdni Taila
8 Sleep disturbances Anidra Chikitsa Murdni Taila
9 Imaginative and prescient blurring    

Therapies, Panchakarma Remedies

Snehana and Swedana
Oleation and sudation are literally not thought-about amongst Panchakarma therapies. They’re preparatory procedures for these 5 specialised remedies.

Exterior oleation –

a. Abhyanga – natural oil therapeutic massage
b. Snehadhara – pouring / showering of medicated oils and ghee on the neck
c. Greeva vasti – oil pooling on the neck

Ksheerabala Taila, Mahamasha Taila, Mahanarayana Taila, Prasarini Taila, Balashwagandha Taila, Lakshadi Taila and so forth shall be used for the above mentioned remedies.

Inner oleation –
a. Snehapana – consuming of medicated (illness particular) ghee / oil in metered dosage
b. Nitya snehapana – oral consumption of small portions of medicated fat (ghee / oil)
Guggulutiktaka Ghrta, Rasnadi Ghrta, Maharajaprasarini Tailam, Bala Tailam, Masha / Mahamasha Taila and so forth shall be used for this objective.

Sudation remedy – that is normally performed together with exterior oleation remedy. The under talked about sudation therapies shall be most well-liked within the therapy of whiplash –Patrapinda sweda – bolus sudation ready with natural leaves
Shashtika shali pinda sweda – bolus sudation ready with particular rice (paddy grown in 60 days) processed with milk ready with natural decoctions

Nasal instillation of medicated ghee / oil is the perfect therapy for whiplash.
Brmhana Nasya i.e. nourishing errhine remedy is right on this case. In persistent circumstances and recurring signs
Pratimarsha Nasya each day instillation of small amount of medicated ghee / oil within the type of drops shall be used. The under talked about medicines shall be used for this objective –
Ksheerabala Taila 101
Masha Taila
Maharajaprasarani Taila
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Vasti – medicated enemas, particularly anuvasana vasti, matra vasti – small amount of unctuous enema and brmhana vasti – nourishing enemas are useful in persistent circumstances of whiplash and in presence of extreme signs. Under talked about medicines could also be used for this objective –Guggulutiktakam Ghrtam, Sahacharadi Tailam or Ksheerabala Tailam


Mahayogaraja Guggulu
Rasnadi Guggulu
Maharasnadi Kashayam
Prasarinyadi Kashayam
Dashamula Kashayam
Maharajaprasarini Tailam
Rasonadi Kashayam
Mustadi Marma Kashayam
Kokilaksham Kashayam
Guluchyadi Kashayam
Guggulutiktakam Kashayam
Gandharvahastadi Kashayam
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