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It's A Powerful Job However Somebody's Gotta Blow It


WARNING: In-your-end-o jokes forward. Conceal the children!


John: “Hey, we had a number of complaints about that child bathe cake, so let’s keep away from something too off-color as we speak, okay?”

Jen: “Noooo downside. I’ve the proper ON shade cake we will use.”

John: “Yeah?”

Jen: “Yep. I name it, ‘TASTE THE RAINBOW.'”

John: “NO. Positively no.”


Jen: “What, you do not prefer it?
“Then how about ‘Rubber Child Buggy Balls’?”

“See, you may already inform it is a boy!”

John:Why does the stroller have… ?! By no means thoughts. No.


Jen: “Tiger Beat?”

John: “You are killing me right here.

“Cannot you simply put up some wrecky flowers or one thing? Please?”

Jen: “Flowers? ON IT.”

[five minutes later]

“Acquired one! This baker says her co-worker made a border of ‘unique flowers.’ You want?

“I feel I will name it, ‘Ring Across the Posy Peens.'”

John: [silent glare]

“The Pollenators?”


“Petal Pushers?”


“Sticky Stamens?”


“Calla Willies?”


“One-Eyed Snapdragons?”


“Penis Flytraps?”

John: “You are answering tomorrow’s e-mail.”


Due to Jody M., Amber G., Ashley, & Anony M. for serving to us discover the rainbow… erection.


P.S. Want a cool reward that does not contain X-rated flowers? Then how a couple of card that transforms right into a bouquet of completely safe-for-work flowers:

Recent Reduce Paper Pop-Up Flowers

Though if you wish to name that middle one a Calla Willy, I will not cease you.

And you’ll replenish with the three-pack!

There are extra flower kinds and colours on the hyperlink.


And from my different weblog, Epbot:




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