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How To Open A Coconut – Finest Approach to Open A Coconut


I want I may let you know that I realized methods to open a coconut whereas I used to be vacationing in Tahiti, or that I first cracked one open out of thirst-quenching necessity after a day spent browsing Oahu’s North Shore. However I’ve by no means been to Tahiti, and I instantly run towards shore on the first signal of a 5-foot wave. No, I truly realized methods to crack open a coconut in my kitchen, by way of trial and error, after being lured by a full stack of complete coconuts on the grocery retailer. I had grabbed one and positioned it in my cart nonchalantly, hoping my fellow consumers would catch a glimpse (you’re mendacity should you say you don’t look sneakily at different folks’s carts) and assume I used to be the type of cool one that consumed contemporary coconut as typically as a bit of toast. That is actual, that is me. Narrator: It was not actual. Let’s discover ways to open a coconut collectively.

Step One

Find the “three eyes” on the highest of the coconut. Stare on the coconut and watch because it stares again at you. Use a metallic skewer to poke and prod the eyes like an optometrist and discover the one which feels the softest; when you do, push the skewer by way of to create a gap. You might want to make use of a mallet or hammer for added strain, however accomplish that fastidiously.

Step Two

Invert the coconut over a bowl or measuring cup to empty the liquid, aka coconut water. Drink the water as is (it’s like what you get from a carton or can, solely brisker!) or retailer it within the fridge for up to some days.

Step Three

Okay, time to crack it open. Maintain the coconut between an opulent kitchen towel and, utilizing the identical mallet or hammer, gently pound in opposition to the “equator” line on the coconut till the shell begins to crack in half. As soon as it looks like the shell will simply come aside, twist it till the coconut halves break aside.

Step 4

Minimize the coconut halves into smaller items with a pointy knife and use a vegetable peeler to take away the outer layer of brown fuzzy pores and skin. As soon as the pores and skin is totally eliminated, rapidly rinse the coconut meat beneath chilly water to do away with any extra fibers or impurities.

You lived to inform the story! Now, what are you able to do with coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut meat? Make a pot of Yi Jun Loh’s One-Pot Coconut Water ABC Soup or this fluffy Turmeric Coconut Rice. “Throughout cooking, the coconut water hydrates the rice with out overwhelming the grains, and it imparts a fragile, candy tropical lilt,” writes recipe developer Andrea Nguyen. As for the coconut meat, shred it into contemporary flakes utilizing a vegetable peeler or field grater, dehydrate the flakes flippantly in a low-temperature oven, after which use them for coconut macaroons or cream pie, or sprinkle them into oatmeal, yogurt, or buttercream frosting.

Have you ever ever efficiently opened a coconut earlier than? Inform us your suggestions and methods—and your favourite methods to devour contemporary coconut meat—within the feedback beneath!




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