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Caring for Your Pores and skin Inside and Out | Collagen


Would you imagine me if I stated wholesome pores and skin begins from inside? Effectively, it’s true! Similar to each different organ in your physique, your pores and skin wants a gentle stream of vitamins to thrive. And to feel and look nice.

Plus, problematic pores and skin, particularly circumstances reminiscent of pimples, eczema and psoriasis, is commonly an indication that one thing on the within isn’t fairly proper. And when that is the case, the meals you eat — or don’t eat — is commonly one of many largest elements. Now, this doesn’t imply you don’t want any skincare merchandise or a wholesome magnificence routine. However you may’t underestimate the significance of diet on the subject of your pores and skin.

So, I’m going to share my high inside and exterior “plump and glow” suggestions.

Nourish Your Pores and skin from Inside

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

In the case of wholesome pores and skin, each hydration and moisturization are important. But it surely’s essential to acknowledge that they really imply two fully various things. Hydration solely comes from ingesting nourishing fluids and consuming contemporary vegatables and fruits. As a result of it pertains to the water that offers your pores and skin cells their form and retains them plump and juicy.

However, in case your pores and skin cells are dehydrated, they shrivel up and die. And that is what results in the dreaded wrinkles, sagging, and uninteresting pores and skin. No, thanks! So dehydrated pores and skin lacks water from the within.

Do you’ve gotten a tough time getting sufficient water every single day? Attempt my favourite hydrating water infusions so as to add slightly taste to every glass!

detox water

However, after we discuss moisturization, we’re referring to oils. And an absence of oils results in dry pores and skin.

Eat Wholesome Fat

We should deal with moisture from the inside and outside. And one of many methods to maintain your pores and skin from drying out, is by consuming wholesome fat from complete meals such wild salmon, avocado, coconut, olives, nuts, and seeds. Your physique MUST get these fat out of your weight loss plan to provide its personal oil, generally known as sebum, which gives a protecting layer in your pores and skin and retains it moist. 

However the advantages of wholesome fat to your pores and skin don’t cease there. Omega-3 fatty acids, reminiscent of these present in fish, are anti-inflammatory. So, they can assist cut back redness and swelling.

Many wholesome excessive fats meals (i.e. almonds, avocados, olives) additionally comprise nutritional vitamins A and E. And these nutritional vitamins are potent antioxidants, which assist stop pores and skin injury and sluggish the indicators of growing older. Plus, each of those nutritional vitamins enhance collagen manufacturing, which is what provides your pores and skin its elasticity and retains it plump and wrinkle-free. 

Which results in my subsequent tip…

Eat Collagen-Boosting Meals

I’ve already talked about nutritional vitamins A and E on the subject of boosting collagen. However vitamin C can be important. With out a enough provide of vitamin C, your physique can’t make new collagen. Interval. Thankfully, vitamin C is discovered in lots of of those vegatables and fruits in excessive doses:

  • Strawberry
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Orange
  • Kiwi
  • Grapefruit
  • Purple bell pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Papaya
  • Kale
  • Pineapple

And as you already know, I’m a HUGE fan of bone broth and collagen protein powders. As a result of each are glorious sources of the amino acids (i.e., glycine and proline) your physique must construct collagen. Quite a few experimental research have proven that collagen protein powder (a.okay.a. hydrolyzed collagen) is readily absorbed by the physique and effectively transported to the deepest layers of your pores and skin the place it really works its magic.

And by magic, I imply plumping the pores and skin to erase wrinkles, reverse sagging, fade stretch marks, and cut back cellulite. Sure, please! Along with boosting your collagen, it’s additionally essential to guard the collagen you’ve bought. And antioxidants are the important thing. You’ll get them by consuming an abundance of shade vegatables and fruits, reminiscent of crimson beets and peppers, orange carrots and candy potatoes, darkish leafy greens, and purple berries.

Complement with Prebiotics and Probiotics

Now, that is the important thing for balancing your intestine microbiome and creating an atmosphere that permits your pores and skin to flourish from the within out. However what precisely are prebiotics and probiotics?

Prebiotics feed the wholesome micro organism in your intestine, whereas probiotics reside micro organism added to your microbiome. And also you want each to stop your system from changing into overrun with dangerous micro organism. As a result of when that occurs, it’s a one-way ticket to bloating, sugar cravings, and sure, clogged pores and blemishes.

However, discovering the proper pre- and probiotic mix goes to strengthen and help your intestine, and present up by way of your pores and skin. Some probiotic-rich meals you may add to your weight loss plan, embrace:

  • Pickles
  • Greek yogurt
  • Kombucha 
  • and kimchi.

However in actuality, you solely want two particular probiotics, Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactococcus lactis, and one foremost prebiotic, XOS, that can goal your intestine and your pores and skin on the identical time.

You see, these probiotic strains are the one two which have been scientifically confirmed to help the pores and skin and intestine. And this is what they’ll do! I contemplate L. paracasei “wrinkles’ worst enemy” as a result of it encourages the discharge of TGF-beta, which stimulates new cell progress. Meaning it repairs tissue within the intestine barrier and on the outer layer of the pores and skin.

Then L. lactis is available in and strengthens and amplifies the advantages of L. paracasei by balancing intestine micro organism, which boosts digestion and eases bloating.

And as for the pores and skin, L. lactis has been confirmed to extend pores and skin hydration, making it plump, dewy, and extra proof against nice strains and wrinkles.

Nourish Your Pores and skin from the Outdoors

Select Your Merchandise Correctly

It’s essential to keep away from chemical-laden merchandise. As a result of not solely can these toxins make it into your bloodstream, however they’re additionally very harsh in your pores and skin, inflicting irritation and stripping your pores and skin of its pure moisture. That’s why I like to recommend sticking to actually pure merchandise, reminiscent of one among my favourite manufacturers — Annmarie Gianni Pores and skin Care.


The primary objective of a cleanser is to scrub away dust and impurities. However within the course of, it additionally washes away oil and adjustments the pH of your pores and skin. Due to this fact, I all the time advocate utilizing a pure toner to rebalance your pores and skin’s pH and shut and tighten your pores. Toners additionally assist your pores and skin higher take in the vitamins in your serum, cream, or moisturizer (if utilized when your pores and skin remains to be a bit moist). 

You could have many decisions on the subject of toners. Personally, I really like firming spritzes that comprise easy, but efficient substances, reminiscent of witch hazel, aloe vera juice, floral hydrosols, and important oils.


Many individuals draw back from oil. However normally, oil is your pores and skin’s finest pal — even for these with oily pores and skin and pimples. Oils can penetrate your pores and skin and supply a wholesome supply of moisture. And when your pores and skin has the moisture it wants, your physique stops producing extra oil. 

Plus, oils naturally comprise an abundance of vitamins that battle irritation and forestall free radical injury on the floor stage. And all you’re left with is delicate, glowing pores and skin. Whereas there are various superb oils utilized in pure skincare, a few of my favorites embrace:

  • Rosehip seed oil: full of skin-brightening, collagen-boosting, wrinkle-reducing vitamin C and different antioxidants
  • Jojoba oil: a extremely moisturizing oil that resembles your pores and skin’s sebum
  • Rose important oil: moisturizes, prevents water loss, reduces irritation, and improves the feel of your pores and skin

Apply Serums Freely and Liberally

Similar to consuming antioxidant-rich meals can assist battle free radical injury, utilizing antioxidant serums has the identical impact. Antioxidant serums can assist defend your pores and skin from the results of free radicals from stress, smoke, UV rays, blue gentle, and so forth., which reduces the results of growing older, like nice strains and wrinkles. But it surely’s not only a one-and-done kind of deal. You must use your serums liberally each morning and night time to heal and nourish your pores and skin. Like with something, you’ve bought to keep it up to actually see outcomes. 

Now, in case your head is already reeling about which antioxidant serum to purchase, don’t fear. Right here’s an easy-to-make home made antioxidant serum utilizing one among my favourite antioxidants — Vitamin C! Keep in mind to make small batches of your serum every week in order that it doesn’t go dangerous and start to do extra hurt than good!

vitamin c serum recipe


Exfoliation refers back to the removing of lifeless pores and skin cells on the floor of your pores and skin. When lifeless pores and skin cells accumulate, age spots seem darker, wrinkles seem deeper, and the pores and skin seems duller. Thus, exfoliation permits plump, new cells to emerge and shine. There are various strategies of exfoliation:

  • Bodily Scrubs — You possibly can take away lifeless pores and skin cells bodily with a facial scrub. However the trick is to be mild as a result of it could possibly trigger irritation and irritation when you overdo it. 
  • Chemical exfoliants — You should use sure exfoliating substances, reminiscent of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), to “chemically” take away lifeless pores and skin cells and stimulate pores and skin renewal. And thankfully, there are various pure sources of AHA, reminiscent of citrus fruits, sugarcane, milk, and apples, that pure skincare corporations can depend on.
  • Dry Brushing — This type of exfoliation targets all the physique and might even be used in your face. To not point out, dry brushing boosts blood circulation to the pores and skin. There are many dry brushing kits on Amazon with various deal with lengths and sizes for numerous areas.
    • Dry Brushing Tip: Use lengthy strokes or round motions to brush your total physique beginning on the soles of your toes, working your approach up. Keep in mind to all the time brush in direction of the guts!

dry brushing benefits



I really like to attract a heat bathtub, apply a face masks, and settle in for a soak. Most masks are designed to deep clear your pores, exfoliate, and/or nourish your pores and skin with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant vitamins. Fortunately, I’ve bought you lined with the good hydrating masks! 

face mask

My two-piece masks is infused with plant-based collagen, brown seaweed extract, and amino acids that penetrate the deepest layers of your pores and skin and encourage collagen synthesis. It’s good for revitalizing your pores and skin earlier than an evening out — or as a cooling and comforting act of self-care after to hold your face plump and hydrated.

And in contrast to firming and moisturizing which can be required each day, a masks a couple of times per week is normally all it is advisable to hold your pores and skin wholesome and exquisite.

To Sum it Up…

When your pores and skin seems to be and feels good, you’ve gotten extra confidence to face the world. And it even boosts your temper. So if you’d like that “plump and glow” look, you could nourish your pores and skin from each the inside and outside. This implies staying hydrated, consuming nutrient wealthy meals, and sticking to pure skincare merchandise that lightly cleanse, tone, moisturize, and exfoliate your pores and skin.

Preserve considering large and residing BOLD!




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