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Can Girls Do Keto? | Planet Natural


On this video, Sara Aguilar, MSc Anthropology, Accredited Sports activities Nutritionist, Complement Advisor and founding father of @ketosupplements and @thehealthanthropologist, discusses:

  • Is the keto weight loss program appropriate for ladies?
  • What’s ketosis?
  • Why can we go into ketosis?
  • Ought to ladies do a ketogenic weight loss program? For the way lengthy?
  • How will you eat, transfer and complement to really feel your finest for every section of your menstrual cycle?

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Sara Aguilar is the founding father of @ketosupplements and @thehealthanthropologist.


Video Abstract:

Can ladies do keto? 

A cyclical ketogenic strategy to optimise hormone ranges and ease your self into every section of your cycle.


Is the keto weight loss program appropriate for ladies?


  • Sure, nonetheless you will need to take into accounts elements such because the ancestry, life-style, the seasons, the place you reside, the local weather and your hormones/biology.


(Ancestors from the northern hemisphere the place carbohydrates are solely obtainable on the finish of summer season, starting of autumn, remainder of the 12 months survived on animal fat and forest lead and greens you are in all probability genetically higher on a decrease fats weight loss program. Alternatively, ancestors nearer to equator plant based mostly excessive carbs weight loss program what you are suited to.) 


What’s ketosis?

  • The physique has two sources of vitality glucose and ketones, glucose is primarily from carbohydrates and sugars. We even have ketones from physique fats shops or from dietary fats that you just eat. Ketosis is the state while you burn physique fats or fats you could have eaten from meals, when we’ve got run out of our shops of carbohydrates which triggers us to burn ketones and use that further vitality. 


Why can we go into ketosis?

  • Ketosis comes from our hunter and gatherer ancestors. Trying to find a day and getting a kill after which not getting any meals for 24-48hrs meant the physique wanted a supply of vitality which advanced into ketosis. This meant we may use physique fats shops to optimise our listening to, sight, sense of style, odor, and vitality to be higher hunters. Ketones as a supply of vitality gas the mind sooner by way of glucose, which made us wonderful hunters. 


Ought to ladies do a ketogenic weight loss program? For the way lengthy?

  • Ketosis long run mimics a hunger weight loss program for ladies which can be a difficulty because the mind might set off stress as a result of lack of meals/ restriction of carbohydrates. This tells hormones the physique resides by a famine creating detrimental hormonal impacts equivalent to interfering with being pregnant, discount of durations and stress hormones on the physique long run. 
  • The advantages of fats loss, limitation of irritation, discount of PCOS signs and different hormonal points may be achieved by introducing phases of ketosis and operating on glucose into your life-style to optimise well being and vitality.
  • Advantages on focus and neurological points equivalent to anxiousness and epilepsy because the physique is provided with a steady supply of vitality for the mind. 
  • (80% fats, 15% protein and 5% carbs, fats loss, discount of joint ache, PCOS points.)


How will you eat, transfer and complement to really feel your finest for every section of your menstrual cycle?

  • Shorter time period keto weight loss program? Sure, for wholesome flexing of cycle and hormone manufacturing. Lack of iron when menstruating means you must eat extra pink meat and leafy inexperienced greens and enhance your consumption of anti-inflammatory meals equivalent to turmeric an anti-inflammatory and uncooked darkish chocolate which is filled with magnesium. 
  • Follicular section – which is when vitality ranges start to extend barely you’ll be able to drop down the carbs, do extra intense train equivalent to weightlifting and operating. 
  • Ovulation – third section, at your peak of bodily vitality and feeling your finest. Extra assured and have a excessive libido. Drop down carbs and enhance wholesome fat, this technique will cut back cravings, and you may entry the advantages of dipping out and in of ketosis.
  • Luteal section– which is when the unfertilised egg breaks down and the rupture of the follicle produces a whole lot of progesterone into the system. You could really feel low vitality ranges, dulling of moods and extra cravings. You must enhance carbs and take heed to your physique to help hormonal manufacturing and really feel higher. (Improve vitamin c- anti-inflammatory and antioxidants equivalent to blueberries.) 
  • Advocate luteal and menstrual section have the next carb weight loss program to optimise your hormone manufacturing after which for follicular and ovulation section you could have a decrease carb increased fats weight loss program to optimise focus. Combining the very best of each, 2 weeks on ketosis decreasing irritation and burning fats, 2 weeks on glucose replenishing the glycogen shops and telling the physique no purpose to be in stress, works nicely for ladies. 




What’s Mistaken with Carbohydrates?

Nothing is incorrect nonetheless our physique is just not designed to deal with a whole lot of sugar within the bloodstream. The physique is designed to have 1.5 teaspoons of sugar in our blood at any given time. The rise in processed carbs results in the physique producing a whole lot of insulin to cut back sugar ranges as it’s poisonous and oxygenises within the system. 


Is it Potential to be Keto on a Vegan Weight-reduction plan?

Sure, dietary supplements on a keto weight loss program are often vegan equivalent to MCT oil, coconut oil, protein from mushrooms, tempeh, pea-protein. It’s troublesome to stability out the potential deficiencies and will importantly contemplate hyper-processed meals.


Candy Potato vs Regular Potato?

Candy potato has a decrease glucose index than regular which suggests it would enhance blood sugar ranges extra slowly. An excellent hack is to cook dinner a traditional potato and let it quiet down, then reheat. Every time you let it quiet down the fibre starches get tougher which suggests while you eat it, it slowly releases the sugar. 


Balancing Hormones?

This is determined by which hormones you want to stability. For extra testosterone, pink meat is nice nonetheless to cut back testosterone then eat much less pink meat. Everybody’s particular person as ancestry, the place you reside, life-style, how lively you might be, and age are vital elements to think about. 


Lengthy Time period Well being Penalties of a Keto Weight-reduction plan for Girls?

Strict keto for too lengthy might have hormonal points that cease your interval because the weight loss program mimics a fasting weight loss program. This may increasingly impression being pregnant and you might turn out to be extra delicate to sugars. 



Once you crave carbs when menstruating and the luteal section, your physique wants them as you are burning 30% extra energy than typical making you hungrier. It is very important take heed to your physique. 


Don’t be dogmatic about diets as your relationship with meals is extra vital. 




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