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Bonnie & Clyde Experience Once more


As it’s the 88th anniversary of their demise, and the upcoming Bonnie and Clyde pageant close to the place they had been gunned down approaches, I’m reminded of our highway journey via north Louisiana and our go to to the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum.

Their day, and their lives, would finish on the receiving aspect of over 150 bullets fired upon their automotive in beneath 16 seconds. Every of them could be hit so many instances, the undertaker would have a tough time embalming the our bodies.

By the point the smoke cleared, their place in historical past as America’s unique “Experience or Die” couple, could be solidified for eternity.

However what’s it about their story that continues to captivate an viewers that hasn’t even been alive half so long as they’ve been lifeless?

Is it the Romeo & Juliet a part of their story? The one the place they each got here from nothing, and had been doing no matter they needed to as a result of it doesn’t matter what occurs, they nonetheless have one another?

Is it the Robinhood a part of their story? The one the place they grew up within the Nice Melancholy and would unfold the cash they stole across the city and the household?

Is it the Wild West a part of their story? The one the place it was simply the 2 of them, unstoppable, unbreakable, out on their very own driving off into the sundown?

On the time it had rather a lot to do with a roll of movie the police discover and would later develop, giving the press latest footage to publish, of them in fancy garments being playful and smiling. The melancholy was the large situation of their day, and it didn’t matter to Bonnie and Clyde, you nearly had to envy them.

However, what’s it at this time?

What makes a brand new era of individuals fall in love with the story of two children turned younger adults, robbing mother and pop shops and being gunned down in an ambush?

Is that this lovely nation of ours cranking out hybristophiliacs by the 1000’s? Hybristophilia is when somebody finds it pleasurable when their associate commits violent acts, it’s even referred to as Bonnie and Clyde syndrome. Although perhaps it ought to simply be referred to as Bonnie Syndrome as it’s often seen in ladies.

No matter it’s, there’s an simple attraction to Americas first killer couple, one which my Spouse and I share. A lot so, that we determined that the final get collectively we had in our sticks and bricks home, could be a Bonnie and Clyde theme social gathering, and our mates didn’t disappoint.

We even had mates fly in from out of state to be in attendance, and one other referred to as in a favor to verify we had a 1930’s Ford within the driveway when their automotive couldn’t make it. To say we miss all of our mates again residence could be an understatement, however that’s for one more time.

You see, for me I believe it might be a mix of all of the components of the story put collectively that attracts me in to the story of their lives. It’s nearly like being star struck, which is odd for me as I’d quite have a cup of espresso with a scientist than get an autograph from a sports activities star.

I believe the story clicks a swap in my mind, one which hasn’t been clicked in most of us for the reason that caveman days. In a bizarre method, and I’m no neuroscientist, I believe Clydes kill or be killed way of life is hardwired into mens brains from beginning. Why else would so many people voluntarily make careers out of violent sports activities and aggressive behaviors, and what man doesn’t need a Experience or Die chick by his aspect?

And each time I watch a nature channel particular on pack animals, the narrator all the time says the females of the pack will mate with whoever wins this combat, as a result of they’re now the brand new Alpha chief. Maybe Hybristophilia is solely a genetic maintain over from our caveman days, just like when my excessive upkeep canine who will get her hair and nails performed month-to-month, rolls round on lifeless bugs to odor like a hunter to the remainder of the pack, after we don’t even have one other canine.

Protecting with these two strains of thought, maybe Bonnie & Clyde Syndrome can solely exist in symbiosis. The Ying wants the Yang. With out Juliet, Romeo is nothing.

Perhaps that is the draw.

We’re all seeking to discover the Ying to our Yang that matches up as completely as theirs did. A narrative of affection so robust that nobody questions it nearly 100 years later. Discovering somebody who you by no means should query if they are going to be by your aspect via thick and skinny.

When you’ve got the time, you must take the journey to Gibsland Louisiana, and go to the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum. While you’re there remember to say hello to the Proprietor Perry, and chat with him for some time. He may help you separate truth from fantasy, and fantasy from actuality, and should even assist you see that the grass isn’t all the time greener on the opposite aspect, and perhaps…

Simply perhaps…

You already discovered the Ying to your Yang.

(Take a look at our journey via Louisiana and to the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Web site right here)




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