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Adowable Widdle Wrecks — Cake Wrecks


Who’s a cute widdle turd!?

Positive, it might look like a pile of poo on the banks of the Jungle Cruise*, nevertheless it’s truly presupposed to be a cat. Or possibly a lion. With a monkey tail. Regardless, see how the decorator compels us to miss its blatant turdiness together with his/her skillful utility of pet…cat eyes?

* Clarification for Non-Disney Geeks – See, the water on the Jungle Cruise experience at Disney is usually dyed a surprising shade of blue-green. I feel you need to be decontaminated if you happen to fall in.**

**Comply with-up from Jen: Puh-lease, “decontaminated”? It is only a little tetanus shot.


This subsequent one makes use of the “two-cupcakes-drowning-in-icing-on-an-oversized-cakeboard” strategy:




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